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Mike Rule was born in Sydney, and studied fine art at Newcastle's Hunter Street campus. Upon moving to London in 1996, Mike experienced a prolific period of capturing people commuting, socialising and engaging in everyday  activities. During this period, Mike was able to absorb himself in viewing some of the finest artworks created throughout history, which inspired the creation of roughly 70 pastels on paper works largely influenced by the likes of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent van Gogh and Egon Schiele.

Upon returning to New South Wales a few years later, Mike began exploring with oil on board and canvas, capturing the old streets of Sydney and Newcastle, where the old colonial architecture resonated with him.

In 2011 Mike moved to the Northern Territory, where the dramatic change of landscape and light had a huge impact on him, causing him to leave the more figurative and gestural work behind and inspiring him to paint luscious oil paintings capturing the unique light and feel of Northern Australia. 

Mike currently specialises in fine art and landscapes that resonate with those who have not only experienced the Northern Territory but also those who harbor an appreciation for the Australian environment. Mike searches for images and settings that personify the local area and then brings them to life on canvas.

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